Welcome to Online Craft Mart

Online Craft Mart (OCM) is a user friendly gathering place for craftsmen and their worldwide internet customers. Immediate, direct and transparent access to member craftsmen and the craftsmen's work is available through the craftsman's Showcase and the Village Listing directory.

For the Craftsman

Online Craft Mart offers an opportunity for craftsmen in all media to introduce themselves to a worldwide audience and to present their craftwork on their own 'Showcase' page. The Showcase offers a comprehensive craftsman's profile with craft examples as well as craftwork for purchase.

Different craftsmen's genres are broadly categorized into seven areas: Decorative, Fashion, Paper, Textile, Seasonal, Children and The Bazaar. Craftsmen are able to present each craftwork in the relevant category and in Browse. Additionally, Online Craft Mart provides a directory, the Village Listing; all, for a modest quarterly subscription fee.

The OCM Difference

Online Craft Mart is a small company, paying attention to our customers, the member craftsmen, as individuals with an innovative internet approach. We concentrate on promoting craftsmen, allowing them to build a personal reputation and following, rather than focusing on promoting their craftwork alone. Craftsmen are free to tell the world their own message in the way they would like it told through detailed profiles and interesting information about their journey toward their dreams.

The Simple Business Model

Online Craft Mart facilitates a direct, seamless sales connection between craftsman and buyer with a simple 'no commission', 'no fee per listing', 'hands off' approach to their business relationship while retaining a personal interest in smooth and successful transactions.

Purchases are made directly with the craftsman. Details of how to purchase items, prices and delivery information are listed by the the craftsman in the description of each individual craftwork. This can be found by clicking 'View Item Details' when looking at a piece of craftwork.

All these points, together with free technical support directly from the company, not outsourced, make Online Craft Mart unique.